The DA Form 4037 Enlisted Record Brief

da form 4037 enlisted record brief

DA Form 4037 is the enlisted record brief that must be filed by a reservist. These documents require several details and should be properly filled out to ensure the information provided is accurate. These forms must be completed within the last three years and must include DA Form 3349 if applicable. It is also important to have current DA Form 5501-R and iPERMS records.

DA Form 4037

The U.S. Department of the Army released DA Form 4037-E on February 1, 1996, which is a digital filing version of this form. The DA Form 4037-E contains information from a variety of sources, including the Keystone System and the Medical Protection System. In order to fill out this form correctly, it is important to fill in all required information accurately.

The applicant’s enlisted service dates are incorrect. While the DA Form 214 indicates that the applicant served as a cadet in the USMA from 1 July 1983 to 26 May 1987, this enlisted service does not count toward his active duty service. Moreover, the applicant does not have the authority to record the cadet service on his DD Form 214. However, he did complete two overseas tours to Germany, for which he is entitled to two Overseas Service Ribbon awards.

DA Form 330

Enlisted record briefs are required to be filed in accordance with Army regulations. They include information about an individual’s past and present assignments. The document is filed with the Test Control Officer. Typically, this brief is only six pages long. In some cases, it can be as many as twelve pages.

DA Form 638

To make an DA Form 638, an enlisted soldier must enter his full name, sex, organization, and social security number. It must also be signed by the recommender. The DA Form 638 is the source document for any awards or decorations that the soldier has received. Once completed, the form must be forwarded to the MNP-ARB. The military uses the form to ensure that the appropriate awards and decorations are presented to each soldier. It is also used to ensure that awards are not improperly processed by the chain of command. A copy of the award certificate must be submitted with the DA Form 638.

If an award is wrongly listed on a DA Form 638, it must be corrected. An award order must follow Army Regulation 600-8-105 (Military Orders) to ensure the correct award is given.

DA Form 705

To apply for the enlisted record brief, you must have a current DA Form 705 enlisted record, Army Physical Fitness Test score card, and Personnel Qualification Record (PQR). You can obtain a DA Form 705 from your unit administrator or by printing it from a web page. Those who have previously served in the armed forces should also submit a DD 214 (MEMBER-4) or NGB 22 (National Guard) containing details about their prior service. For a short-term enlistment, a DA Form 1506 (Retirement Point History Statement) can be substituted.

The Army DA Form 705 enlisted record short includes information about a Soldier’s current assignment. The Soldier’s permanent order number is located at the top left of the Soldier’s DA Form 705 enlisted record brief. In addition to permanent order numbers, this form contains information on the Soldier’s overseas tours. The date of enlistment and induction must match to the BASD. If the BASD and PID do not match, the Soldier must seek assistance from PAS or eMILPO.

DA FormaEUR(tm)s 705

DA FormaEUR(tm) S 705, Enlisted Record Brief, is a form used to update a soldier’s record. This form contains information about the soldier’s current assignment, starting date, end date, and the position for which he or she was authorized to enlist. It also includes information about the Soldier’s overseas tours.

DA FormaEUR(tm)s 638

The DA Form 638 enlisted record brief provides the necessary details regarding a Soldier’s enlisted record. It is a source document that lists the Soldier’s accomplishments, awards, and decorations. It also contains the date and period of the orders and the permanent order number. The entry for Soldier of the Quarter must include the award date, YYYMMDD.

DA Form 638 (Series)

DA Form 638 is a document used to report a soldier’s enlisted record. It contains the permanent order number as well as the name and organizational affiliation of the service member. It is submitted to the MNP-ARB along with the soldier’s Military Personnel Record Jacket. This document helps the chain of command in ensuring that the soldier receives the proper awards. It also helps ensure that soldiers who have received adverse action are not improperly processed. A copy of the award certificate should be attached to the form.

Soldiers must update their ARB annually. This is considered a part of the Personnel Records Review (PRR). However, as per USARC guidance, it is prioritized overdue reviews first. These reviews are performed in conjunction with pay/personnel discrepancies. For HR Professionals, identifying overdue reviews is easier when they have access to the RCMS Commander’s Strength Management Module (CSMM).