DD Form 93

Keeping up-to-date beneficiary documents is an important part of military life. Two key documents are the SGLI form and the DD 93 form. Both military members and civilians should update their DD forms annually. This ensures that their wishes will be carried out after they die. This is especially important for those who are deployed often.

What is DD Form 93?

DD Form 93 is an important piece of paperwork for those who serve in the military. This document allows military personnel to list their emergency contacts and designate beneficiaries in case of a casualty or death. It is a good idea for service members to fill out this form regularly and update it when significant life events occur, such as marriages, births, or deaths of family members.

Those who serve in the military know that they may be killed or injured at any time. This makes it important to keep all of their documents up to date, including the DD 93 form. The DD 93 form is used to designate beneficiaries for certain benefits and provides the military’s command with the names and addresses of those who should be notified in case of an emergency or death.

This is an important document that should be updated every year. It is also a good idea to create reoccurring calendar reminders so that you remember to update it.

Service members must also complete the SGLI 8286 form to indicate their preferred beneficiary and coverage amount. This form must be updated whenever a Soldier changes their preference or increases their coverage. Keeping these two documents up to date is essential for making sure that a Soldier’s wishes are carried out.

How to Fill Out DD Form 93

How to Fill Out DD Form 93?

The DD93 form is an important piece of paperwork that should be kept up-to-date by every service member. This will ensure that their wishes in case of a death or injury are carried out properly. Keeping this document up to date will also help to make sure that the right people are notified in the event of a disaster or an accident.

This form is used by both military and civilians and can be filled out online. It is recommended that service members update this form annually. This will help to ensure that their beneficiaries are still eligible for benefits and that the correct premiums are being drafted from their pay. It is also helpful to keep this form updated after any changes in family status or deployments.

Upon filling out the DD93, service members must include their name and SSN in Boxes 1 through 4. The next section is for the soldier to state their marital status and their spouse’s name, if applicable. Finally, in box 5, the service member must list their children and contact information.

Once a DD93 is completed, it should be submitted to the unit S-1 or human resources personnel section. It will then be stored in the Soldier’s personnel file in the IPERMS system. This will allow the casualty and mortuary affairs division to start processing the death benefit payments. Filers should also update their SGLI beneficiary election whenever a significant life event occurs, such as marriage, divorce, child birth, or beneficiary death. It is also a good idea to review this information regularly and to recertify it every year.

When completing the DD form 93, service members should list their emergency contact information, such as name, phone number, and address. They should also indicate whether they are married or single and their current status in the military. They should also note any changes to their life situation, such as a change in employment or residence. Finally, they should sign and date the form. They can then submit it via email, download it, or export it to a cloud storage service. Alternatively, they can print the form and send it by mail or fax it to the appropriate department.

Can You Update DD93 on milConnect

Can You Update DD93 on milConnect?

When a military service member changes their name, address, or contact information, they must update the DD 93 form. This is important because it ensures that the right people are notified in case of an emergency or death. It also helps to keep the correct insurance coverage in place. The form should be updated whenever a significant life event occurs, such as a marriage or divorce.

In addition to the surviving spouse, a soldier can designate other family members as PADDs. They can be blood relatives of legal age or adopted family members. The form also contains a list of medical professionals who the service member wishes to be contacted in an emergency. The form is designed to act as a living will, and it is important for soldiers to discuss their preferences with loved ones.

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