Delta Baggage Allowance For Military Spouses and Dependents

Military personnel spend plenty of time traveling. Whether transferring bases or visiting family on leave, travel is part of the job. Fortunately, there are many airlines that offer benefits and discounts for service members. Some of these perks include free checked bags and priority boarding. Others are discounts on base fares. It is important to check the airline’s rules and regulations before booking. The Delta Airline has a unique baggage allowance for its military passengers. Active military members traveling on orders receive five free checked bags, regardless of cabin class. Each bag can be up to 203 cm or 80 linear inches in size. This allows for a lot more luggage than typical passenger carry-on baggage. This benefits military families greatly, as it will save them money.

This allowance is valid for all flights operated by Delta. However, it is important to note that some fees may still apply. These fees can vary from route to route, and may also depend on your fare class. In order to avoid these fees, you should always check the Delta website for the most up-to-date baggage policy information. In addition to baggage allowances, Delta offers many other benefits to its military travelers. These include discounted fares, priority boarding and other perks. These perks are especially valuable during times of high demand. The airline also allows its military passengers to bring pets with them on flights. Pets can be checked as baggage for a reasonable fee, which is determined by the type of pet and the size of its crate. However, it is important to note that this is only available for military personnel and their families who travel on official orders.

Delta Military Travel Benefits

Delta Military Travel Benefits

If you’re a member of the military, you can save on Delta flights and baggage by using the airline’s Delta Vacation benefits. These perks are an expression of appreciation from the airline to active-duty and veteran service members and their families. To qualify for these benefits, you must present a valid military ID card and official travel orders at check-in. When traveling on military orders, you can check up to five bags for free. Each bag must be less than 80 linear inches or 203 centimeters and weigh no more than 100 pounds. You can also bring one carry-on bag. In addition to these perks, you can get a discounted ticket for your injured family member or domestic partner.

The airline has several other benefits for military travelers, including a flexible reservation policy and priority boarding. In addition, the airline allows you to change or cancel your flight without any fees. It also allows you to print boarding passes at the airport for free and offers free seat assignments based on availability. The airline even provides a mobile app to make it easy to manage your trip. While most airlines offer a variety of military discounts, the terms and conditions vary between airlines. Some airlines only provide these perks when you’re on official orders, such as during a PCS or TDY. Others will extend them to leisure travel or vacations, depending on your specific needs.

For personal or leisure travel, servicemembers can check two 50-pound bags for free on a basic economy, main cabin, or Delta Comfort+ ticket. If they upgrade to Delta premium select or first class (Delta One), they can check three bags of the same size. In addition to the free checked baggage, servicemembers, and their spouses can carry one personal item on board. This can be a purse, diaper bag, briefcase, camera, or laptop bag. It must fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. This benefit does not apply to pets, which must be checked as cargo on all flights. However, Delta does sometimes waive the pet fee for military members and their families. To learn more, visit the Delta website or contact customer service.