How to Renew Military ID for Spouse?

Until recently, military spouses seeking a new ID card had to go in person to the ID card office at their base. Now they can renew their cards online and have them sent to them by mail as part of a pilot program that began in 2023, officials at the ID card office at Fort Campbell wrote in a Facebook post. The pilot program allows sponsors with a Common Access Card (CAC) to request renewals of their Uniformed Service ID cards (USIDs), which they and their dependents use for access to Defense Department facilities, benefits like healthcare and commissary shopping, and other services. The cards are processed and mailed by the Defense Manpower Data Center, not local ID card offices.

Those who need their cards renewed must already be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS, and have either a service member or power of attorney fill out DD Form 1172-2. They must also provide an original state certified marriage certificate, birth certificates, Social Security cards and a photo ID. Dependent children need their own card, which they can receive when they are 10 years old.

The new process should help reduce long wait times for in-person ID card appointments, which have been exacerbated by DEERS computer outages and higher demand during permanent-change-of-station season. Service members who have an expired USID or are having trouble scheduling an appointment should contact their chain of command or RAPIDS.

What is a Military Spouse ID Card

What is a Military Spouse ID Card?

A military spouse ID card, also known as a USID, is used by the family members of service members. It can be used to access services and facilities on military bases, including libraries, pools, golf courses, and other recreation facilities. The card can also be used to shop at the commissary and provide coverage under Tricare. It is important for the spouse to keep their ID card current, especially if they plan on traveling overseas or moving between installations.

In order for a spouse to get an ID, they must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). This is done by the service member who has them added to their DEERS. During this process, the original state certified marriage certificate and the spouse’s birth certificates are required. The spouse’s social security number is also required. Once the spouse has been enrolled in DEERS, they can obtain an ID by visiting the nearest ID card-issuing facility or by filling out DD Form 1172-2 and submitting it through the ID Card Office Online.

As of late, most military dependent ID card holders can now renew their cards online rather than visiting an ID card office in person. This expansion of a pilot program began in February 2023 and allows uniformed sponsors with a common access card to request online renewals of their USID cards, which are used to gain entry to DOD facilities and to receive benefits such as health care.