Army Guard ERB

The Army Guard ERB is an instrumental part of the Idaho National Guard. Soldiers can become a member of the Guard and receive numerous career benefits. The Guard’s Orchard Combat Training Center, 18 miles outside Boise, is a leading site for joint combined arms training. The 25th Army Band consists of different musical segments including Dixieland jazz, brass ensemble, woodwind quintet, rock, country, and western.

The SEL is the state’s chief of staff for enlisted personnel. In this position, they are responsible for providing advice to senior military leaders on issues related to discipline, morale, welfare, effective utilization, and professional development of state Airmen. They also ensure that state Airmen are moving through the ranks at the right pace. They are expected to report to Brig. Gen. Darrin Anderson. Ultimately, this role is one that requires a high level of expertise and commitment, but it also provides a prestigious platform for career advancement.