Erb Army Ako

How to add points to your army promotion standing list? First, you need to integrate your AKO with ERB. This is done by checking the box to the left of submit. After that, you should type in your AKO username and password. After that, you should submit the information to get the changes in your promotion standing list. You can also view your promotion standing list by visiting your AKO page. Once you’ve done this, you can add points to your army promotion standing list!

Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)

When preparing for a promotion board, soldiers should start by completing their Enlisted Record Brief (ERB). Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) must be updated by Jan. 21, 2011. A Department of the Army photo is the first impression a board member will have of an applicant. Then, review your records online to validate them. Finally, make sure you submit your ERB on time.

Officer Record Brief (ORB)

An officer’s record is recorded through an official document known as the “Officer Records Brief.” This document, also called an ORB, is a one-page tabular statement of his or her qualifications and experiences. Similarly, an Officer Evaluation Report rates an officer’s performance against army values, leadership skills, and achievements, and presents a final performance evaluation. In addition, an Officer Academic Evaluation Report outlines the contribution of an officer to his or her field.

Registrering for official military personnel file (OMPF)

The Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) is a digital repository for U.S. Armed Forces personnel. It contains images of official documents relating to a person’s career and military service. According to the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can access this database to learn more about their service. To request copies of OMPF documents, go to the DPRIS page on milConnect.

Promotion points

To gain a promotion, you have to meet certain requirements and earn sufficient promotion points. You can earn promotion points by completing military training, advancing to the next grade, passing a weapons qualification test, and getting education. Promotion point ceilings are set for different categories of training, including military correspondence courses, computer-based training through the Army e-Learning system, and Army e-learning. However, these points only count if you have completed the entire course. Therefore, it may take up to twelve days for the entire course to populate the PPW.


eMILPO is the Army’s personnel management system and is used to track individual soldier records and manage strength. In order to log into eMILPO, a soldier needs an AKO user ID and password and a USG account. Adobe Acrobat Reader is also necessary. Once you have your username and password, you can log into eMILPO and begin performing personnel actions.

DD Form 214

Obtaining a DD Form 214 for an Erb Army Ako is easy. Simply fill out the NEW-SF-180 and attach a state photo ID. Once submitted, the system will email or fax you a copy of your record. The website also has a calculator to calculate retired pay and survivor benefits. Once the form is received, it will be processed in a few days.